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Personal Injury Defense
We represent defendants in personal injury and wrongful death claims and have a well-earned reputation for handling cases ranging from the simple to the complex with preparation and skill.

Our attorneys have successfully resolved thousands of cases involving asbestos, silica, chemicals, poisonous gasses, and fuel, to name a few, as well as automobile and trucking liability, premises liability, products liability, intentional tort liability, construction defects, and many others.

Personal injury and wrongful death claims often have the potential for considerable financial loss and involve arcane legal issues. With more than 150 attorneys practicing across the country, Foley & Mansfield has the required depth of knowledge and experience in a myriad of disciplines to provide thorough defense strategies aimed at a successful resolution.

From the onset of a case, our attorneys work toward achieving such a resolution using every means possible. When a settlement cannot be reached, we distill complex matters into simple terms that can be easily understood by a jury.

Our attorneys have defended clients in cases involving:

  • Stellpflug Elected to ABOTA 2014 Executive Committee
    • The Minnesota Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) recently named its 2014 Executive Committee officers, and Foley & Mansfield is pleased to announce that Minneapolis partner Janet Stellpflug has been elected treasurer of the Executive Committee. Stellpflug has been an active member of the Minnesota chapter of ABOTA since 2006, and a member of the Executive Committee since 2011. Last year she served as Secretary of the Executive Committee. Read More
  • Corenbaum v. Lampkin: California Appellate Decision Further Limits Damages Evidence for Personal Injury Plaintiffs
    • The Corenbaum decision is significant insofar as judges, following Howell, have continued to allow full medical billings into evidence through the side door. This practice has allowed plaintiffs a means of requesting inflated and unjustified damages awards. Now, a plaintiff with mesothelioma will no longer be allowed to circumvent Howell and introduce evidence of the larger billed amount by suggesting such evidence is relevant on other issues, such as pain and suffering calculations. Under Corenbaum, such evidence is not relevant on any damages issues. This decision should generally result in lower average jury verdicts for personal injury plaintiffs. Read More
  • Holmes Wins Sixth Circuit Appeal on Civil Rights Claims
    • This case involved the Plaintiffs’ attempt to have a federal court grant them relief from a state court’s judgment against them. Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a number of grounds, including that Plaintiffs’ lawsuit violated well-established legal principles prohibiting “state court losers” from appealing to the federal courts, and that Plaintiffs were attempting to assert claims which are not recognized in the Sixth Circuit. Read More
  • Wah Leads Winning Team in Longstanding Asbestos Trial
    • On April 29, 2014, a New Orleans jury ruled in favor of two asbestos defendants in a mesothelioma wrongful death trial, Landry vs. Steel Grip Safety Apparel. Representing Steel Grip was Foley & Mansfield Partner Douglas Wah, assisted by Barbara Lee, Trial Coordinator from the firm’s Northern California office. Read More
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