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Environmental / Pollution
Foley & Mansfield has represented public and private sector companies nationwide in responding to toxic releases and industrial accidents having potentially adverse environmental consequences. We have extensive experience with waste management, groundwater pollution, sampling / testing issues and chemical, refinery and industrial plant incidents.

In addition to legal experience, we have attorneys with environmental backgrounds and experience, and relationships with industry-leading engineers and scientists with significant expertise in environmental, pollution and hazardous materials. 

Foley and Mansfield attorneys have handled and responded to state and federal environmental claims including RCRA and CERCLA, dealing with both state and federal agencies.  

Recently, the Firm represented a tank testing company in a federal court RCRA citizens suit alleging that the testing company’s activities had resulted in a release of fuel oil into the environment. We also recently represented an environmental testing company in a claim that its water sampling had cross contaminated the claimant’s water supply, and we have handled cases involving claims of improper handling / storage of hazardous waste streams. 

  • Holmes Wins Sixth Circuit Appeal on Civil Rights Claims
    • This case involved the Plaintiffs’ attempt to have a federal court grant them relief from a state court’s judgment against them. Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a number of grounds, including that Plaintiffs’ lawsuit violated well-established legal principles prohibiting “state court losers” from appealing to the federal courts, and that Plaintiffs were attempting to assert claims which are not recognized in the Sixth Circuit. Read More
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