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A Commitment to Community
We extend the same commitment to giving back to the community as we do toward meeting clients’ needs and providing superior legal services. We strongly believe in community service and charitable contributions and our attorneys and staff are equally interested and committed to helping those in need.

Such a commitment and social responsibility is part of our firm’s culture and is evident from the variety of community service the firm supports and in which its employees participate. Our volunteerism and charitable giving encompasses sponsorship of youth programs such as “We the People,” which promotes understanding and discussion of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to serving on nonprofit boards, mentoring youth from disadvantaged economic backgrounds, leading and assisting in fundraising events, building schools in third world countries, and serving meals at homeless shelters.

In addition to the firm’s volunteerism and charitable giving, nearly all our attorneys participate in the firm’s Pro Bono practice group, which was officially established in 2003 in response to Minnesota Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz’s call to law firms to provide help to the community.

Foley & Mansfield attorneys invest hundreds of hours providing free services to low-income individuals and nonprofit agencies. We help tenants keep roofs over their heads, resolve credit issues for disadvantaged clients, improve foster children’s living conditions, help parents formalize adoptions, represent indigent citizens accused of crimes, help place defendants in substance abuse treatment programs, mediate disputes for nonprofits, provide arbitration services for the Better Business Bureau, and other community based services.
Foley & Mansfield returns from Guatemala with an overwhelming success!
Not all of our victories come in the courtroom and in this instance, our opponents were mostly the heat and bugs. During a span of one week, the Foley & Mansfield Foundation supported a 19-member service team who trekked to the remote mountain village of Durazno, Guatemala. The original plan was to build or repair workable latrines for this small impoverished community, but upon arrival, residents shared a greater need for smokeless stoves. Most of the village's single-room homes (composed of rudimentary materials) only had open flame fire pits that literally engulfed each home with smoke while meals were prepared. Following the week-long efforts of the F&M service team members, Durazno's families had new smokeless stoves. The team constructed ten new stoves and supplied the community with enough materials to complete another thirty smokeless stoves.

The village of Durazno, Guatemala lies forty miles from the more-urbanized San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenano. Durazno consists of 75 families whose primary occupations include farming corn and coffee beans. The residents of Durazno were extremely grateful and bonded closely with the Foley & Mansfield service team. Melvin Mendoza, from F&M's Oakland office, recalled fondly how one of Durazno's residents brought him to tears as she told him that God had sent the service team to her village. As Partner Calli Duncan of Detroit put it, "this trip has changed my life."
The Foley & Mansfield Foundation sponsored this service trip as another opportunity for its attorneys and staff to give back to those who are less fortunate, a core value emphasized and embraced at Foley & Mansfield. Rick Skara of the Minneapolis office aptly exclaimed, "my heart feels instantly bigger." The charitable act of service not only bonded the team with the locals, but the entire group experienced an unprecedented familial sensation. "We went as co-workers to help improve life for others less fortunate, and we returned as a family. Definitely a win-win and worth repeating", says Christina Dubis, Partner in the Foley & Mansfield St. Louis office.

This service trip helped reflect and highlight the sentiment that the trip was " yet another reminder that Foley & Mansfield is more than just a great place to 'work'," as said by Tim O'Dwyer of Oakland. We hope you will join us in sharing this notion of service and if you would like to hear more about the team's experiences first hand, please contact Virginia Johnson at for more details. 
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